I’ll fight you forever
Isa Grütter & Mick Johan

244 pages
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-90-83428-60-4

‘I’ll fight you forever’ is an ode to the battle, the dance, the sweet war of the in-between that is collaboration. It questions the artist’s ego and explores new synergies. Every drawing is touched by both but finished as one.
    Isa Grütter and Mick Johan’s artistic collaboration culminated in this collection of sweet, bold, and sexy drawings, reflecting the big and small things in life. Steeped in symbolism and fueled by humor, the drawings are a reflection of the artists’ collective mind. 
     By making use of slightly translucent paper in this book, a new layer of collaboration is assembled; as the drawings superimpose upon each other, the black lines work together to conjure a new way of seeing them. 
    ‘I’ll fight you forever’ is the conclusion of an intensely productive collaboration, resulting in an exhibition at Galerie de Schans in April/May 2024 and this book, comprising over a 100 joint works.

€ 30

Bonne Suits, Viviane Sassen and Guus Kaandorp

92 pages
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-90-90347-26-4

‘Moerheim’ tells the personal story of fashion designer Bonne Reijn and the origin of his suit brand Bonne Suits. His view on fast fashion is portrayed by photographer Viviane Sassen. To imitate the hypnotising nature of consumerism that's often linked with fashion photography, Sassen made portraits of hypnotised models. Prints of these portraits were then taken to the gardens of world-famous landscape architect (and his great-aunt) Mien Ruys, in Dedemsvaart and photographed again by Guus Kaandorp and Lou-Lou van Staaveren. Bonne grew up here under the watchful eye of his mother Willemijn and his great aunt, Mien. Both passed away when Bonne was eight years old. In these childhood memories and in this significant and forming loss, lie the roots of Bonne Suits. In Moerheim the photography is coupled with a foreword by Alma Mathijsen and two poems by musicians Camiel Muiser (Petersburg) and Rayvel Pieternella (Ray Fuego).

€ 25

OFFFENCE Collective
An Experiment in Education

60 pages
Edition of 400

For the second publication of Grand Opening, we invited the Eindhoven-based OFFFENCE Collective.
   Started as a self-initiated minor within the Design Academy of Eindhoven, OFFFENCE Collective aims to challenge the existing notions of education. In this publication OFFFENCE was granted carte blanche to experiment within the limits of publishing featuring their self-developed educational system, reports from six months in Matera (Italy), various experiments and workshops, and a toolkit to help you overthrow your own educational institute!

€ 15

Aldo van den Broek and his castle Lab Klakhorst

60 pages
Edition of 300

On 9 November 2018, we drove 560 kilometres from Amsterdam to Kalkhorst in a black Toyota Aygo.
    Although that six hour drive is worth a story in itself, this publication isn’t about that. This publication tells the story of our visit at Lab Kalkhorst, a nineteenth century castle in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the German countryside. It was a visit that didn’t go as planned, but, as we were soon to learn there, often things don’t go as planned. Luckily, they usually turn out fine in the end.
    Together with Woody Bos, we visited Aldo van den Broek, a multidisciplinary artist who lives at Lab Kalkhorst. He’s also the manager of the whole estate, which functions as a residency for various types of artists, as well as the home for his dog Arie and his goat Carlito.
   SCHLOSSHERR tells the story of our visit that weekend at Lab Kalkhorst and offers a unique insight inside the mind of Aldo. With exclusive photos made by Woody Bos. 

€ 15