I’ll fight you forever
Isa Grütter & Mick Johan

244 pages
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-90-83428-60-4

‘I’ll fight you forever’ is an ode to the battle, the dance, the sweet war of the in-between that is collaboration. It questions the artist’s ego and explores new synergies. Every drawing is touched by both but finished as one.
    Isa Grütter and Mick Johan’s artistic collaboration culminated in this collection of sweet, bold, and sexy drawings, reflecting the big and small things in life. Steeped in symbolism and fueled by humor, the drawings are a reflection of the artists’ collective mind. 
     By making use of slightly translucent paper in this book, a new layer of collaboration is assembled; as the drawings superimpose upon each other, the black lines work together to conjure a new way of seeing them. 
    ‘I’ll fight you forever’ is the conclusion of an intensely productive collaboration, resulting in an exhibition at Galerie de Schans in April/May 2024 and this book, comprising over a 100 joint works.

€ 30