Aldo van den Broek and his castle Lab Klakhorst

60 pages
Edition of 300

On 9 November 2018, we drove 560 kilometres from Amsterdam to Kalkhorst in a black Toyota Aygo.
    Although that six hour drive is worth a story in itself, this publication isn’t about that. This publication tells the story of our visit at Lab Kalkhorst, a nineteenth century castle in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the German countryside. It was a visit that didn’t go as planned, but, as we were soon to learn there, often things don’t go as planned. Luckily, they usually turn out fine in the end.
    Together with Woody Bos, we visited Aldo van den Broek, a multidisciplinary artist who lives at Lab Kalkhorst. He’s also the manager of the whole estate, which functions as a residency for various types of artists, as well as the home for his dog Arie and his goat Carlito.
   SCHLOSSHERR tells the story of our visit that weekend at Lab Kalkhorst and offers a unique insight inside the mind of Aldo. With exclusive photos made by Woody Bos. 

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