It is not without reason that we are named Grand Opening, and all our handles end with .party. It stresses the importance of tangible interactions and emphasizes the joy that should be involved in bookmaking. We believe that the physical celebration of a book in its curatorial context is important in conveying a full story. Everything happens in the real world, in real places, with real people, so we like to present our books in such a manner. But most importantly, we believe books deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we try to do a little bit more than just a book launch with every book we make. We strive to ensure that the party is inherent to the book's story, adding a layer in conveying it’s story.

11, 05, 2024    I’ll fight you forever book launch at Galerie de schans

04, 09, 2021    Moerheim at De Tuinen van mien Ruys

14, 06, 2019    OFFFENCE Collective book launch at Galerie de schans

10, 05, 2019    SCHLOSSHERR launch party at SEXYLAND

10, 05, 2019    SCHLOSSHERR book launch at Athenaeum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum